Create a Google Merchant Center account for my online shop

In order to run Google Shopping campaigns with the Raive app, you need a Google Merchant Center. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you will have a Google Merchant account created in a minute. You must have a Google account to be able to create a Google Merchant Center account.

Part 1 : Create your Google Merchant Center account


Go to the Google Merchant Center page and scroll down.

Google Merchant Center


At this step, you need to fill out your business information.


Scroll down directly to the end of the page. Accept the Google Merchant Center Terms of Service. Then, click on “Create Account”.


Once you are on this page, click on “Continue”.


Now that your Merchant Center account is created, you need to set it up to be able to run Google Shopping campaigns. Once you arrive on the page below, click on “Choose programs”.


Click on the “Get started” button for the program in the middle: “Advertise your products through Shopping ads”.

Part 2: Set up shipping


Welcome to the Google Shoppign Ads ! First step is to set up your shipping service(s).


Once you are on the page, click on the button “+” in blue to set up your shipping service.


Add a name to your new shipping service and shipping area (a country most of the time). Then choose the delivery type. Click "Next". 


In the Delivery time section, add the delivery time of your shipping service. Go to the bottom of he page, and click "Next". 


Now, add your shipping rates. Once done, click on the "Save" button. 


Your shipping service is now set up for your Google Merchant Center. If you have other shipping services, just add them. Otherwise, click on "view all delivery services". 


Once you are back on the shipping page, click on the blue stripe “Back to Shopping Ads setup”.


If your new shipping service has been correctly set up, you should see “Shipping service added” with a green validation icon.

Part 3: Confirm to Google that you are the owner of your website


Last part of the set-up is to claim your website URL. Google wants to make sure that you own the website. Click on "Provide your website URL”.


Specify your shop URL (make sure to put your primary domain, and not the one with ""). Click on the "Save" button.


You are now seeing three options. Click on the box on the right“I have access to my server”. Then, select the method “Add an HTML to my website”. Click on the icon to copy the meta tag provided by Google. 


You will have to paste this meta tag on your website. No worries, with Shopify, this is very easy to do. 

Open a new tab and go to your Shopify account : (make sure to replace “NAMEOFYOURSHOP” with the name of your shop in the URL). If everything goes well, you should land on a page like the one below.


Click on the button “Actions”. A dropdown menu appears. Click on “Edit code”.


Once you arrive at the code editor of your shop, click on the file “theme.liquid” in the left column.


Below the tag, paste the Google meta tag. Click on the “Save” button on the top right.


Go back to the tab with your Google Merchant Center account. Click on “Verify URL”.


If everything goes well, you should see “Verified” with a green validation icon. Now you can claim the ownership of your website. Click on “Claim URL”.


You should now see two green icons: your website is now “Verified” and “Claimed”. Congratulations! If you arrive at that step, your Google Merchant Center is now fully set up to create Google Shopping campaigns.

Your Google Ads account is created and fully operational. You can now come back to the Raive app and finalize the connexion to your Google account. It can take a few minutes for your newly created account to appear on Raive app. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the page.

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