Create a Google Ads account for my online shop

In order to run Google Shopping campaigns with the Raive app, you need a Google Ads accountFollow this step-by-step guide, and you will have a Google Ads account created in a minute. You must have a Google account to be able to create a Google Ads account..


Go to the Google Ads inscription page and click on the “Start Now” button (top right corner).


Connect to your Google account and you will be redirected to the page below. Click on “Switch to Expert Mode” at the bottom and click on “Next”.


Once you are at the page, no need to create a new campaign. Click on “Create an account without a campaign” at the bottom of the goal section.


At this step, you need to confirm some information regarding your business. To go to the next step, click on the “Submit” button.


Congratulations, your Google Ads account is created! Click on the “Explore your account” button so you can add a payment method to your newly created account.


To finalize your account set up, you need to add a payment method. On the main page of your account, click on "Billing" and then "Summary" on the navigation bar.


Once you are on the Billing page, some of the information is already pre-filled. Add your name and your company address (on the screenshot, this is at the bottom).


Lastly, go directly to the end of the page to add your payment information. Once added, click on the “Submit” button.

Your Google Ads account is created and fully operational. You can now come back to the Raive app  and finalize the connexion to your Google account. It can take a few minutes for your newly created account to appear on Raive app. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the page.

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