Create a Facebook Business Manager

In order to run Facebook & Instagram campaigns with the Raive app, you need a Facebook Business Manager account.Follow this step-by-step guide, and you will have a Facebook Business Manager created in a minute.


First step is to check whether you have already a Facebook Business Manager or not. Go to this link :

  • If no Business appears, then that means that you need to create a Facebook Business Manager. Follow this guide and go directly to step 2.
  • If a Business appears, and that this Business is the one for the online shop you want to advertize, then you just need to make sure this Business Manager is well set-up. So you don't need to create a new one. Go directly to this guide " Set-up my Facebook Business Manager " for your online shop. 


If you are at this step, that means that you don't have a Facebook Business Manager. To create one, go to and click on the blue button “Create Account” on the top right corner.


Add some information about your company and then click on “Submit”.
Here you are, your Business Manager has been created. There are only a few steps left in order to have it fully set up.


Go to your email inbox and then confirm your email. By clicking on the confirmation email, you will be redirected to your newly created Business Manager.


Once you are in your Business Manager, first step is to add your Facebook Page. Go to this page :


Click on the blue button “Add” in the middle of your screen. Then, click on “Add a Facebook page”. If you don’t have one, click on “Create a Facebook page” and follow the instructions.


To add your Facebook page, you will need to simply copy and paste your Facebook page URL and then click on the button “Add a page”.


In the few last steps, you will need to create a new Facebook ad account or add your existing Facebook ad account. Go to this page : Click on the button "Add".
> If you already have a Facebook ad account, click on "Add an ad account" and then add your existing ad account. Once this is done, your Facebook Business Manager is now properly set up and you don't have anything else to do ! 
> If you don't have any Facebook ad account, then follow the next steps.


By clicking on the button “Add”, a list will be displayed. Click on “Create a new ad account”. Fill the information. Click on the button “Next”.


This ad account will be used by you and for your company. Select “My Business” and then click on “Create”.


You need now to have the right access to manage this ad account. Click on your name in the left column. Then, click on “Manage Ad Account”. This will give you access to all the permissions you need.


Almost there! You need now to add your payment information. Click on the button “Add Payment Method”.


Fill out all the required information about your payment details.

Congratulations, your Facebook Business Manager is created and fully operational. You can now come back to the Raive app and finish the connexion to your Facebook & Instagram account. It can take a few minutes for your newly created account to appear on Raive app. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the page.