How to install the Facebook Pixel on my Shopify store

What is the Facebook Pixel ?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your Shopify store. This pixel is not visible to your visitors. Each time that someone performs an action on your shop, the Facebook Pixel records it. For example, when a visitor is looking at one of your product pages, adds a product to cart or purchases it, the Facebook Pixel collects this very valuable data.   

It is crucial to implement the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store, mainly for the following reasons :

  • Better understand who visits and who purchases on your online shop :
    the more the Facebook Pixel collects data from actions performed by visitors on your shop, the more you will be able to promote your brand and your products to relevant and potential buyers.

  • Target visitors who didn’t purchase your products the Facebook Pixel enables you to show ads to visitors who, for example, saw or added to cart a product but left your shop without purchasing it. If those visitors didn’t leave you their phone number or their email address, you have no way to contact them. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel, it is now possible to be in contact with those visitors.

  • Measure the efficiency of your ads on Facebook and Instagram with the Facebook Pixel, you will be able to know how many visits, product views, add-to-cart or purchases were generated by your ads, and take action accordingly.

When should I implement the Facebook Pixel on my online shop ?

It doesn’t matter if you are currently running ads on Facebook/Instagram or not : install the Facebook Pixel as soon as possible on your Shopify store.
Implementing the Facebook Pixel now on your shop is very important, as the more history your Pixel has, the more Facebook and Instagram will be able to target relevant people when you will start running ads.
Your Facebook Pixel will collect data of all actions performed on your website, no matter if your visits come from your social communities, your natural referencing, your ads, etc.

How to install the Facebook Pixel on my Shopify store ?

To implement the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store, just follow those steps :


Go to your Shopify account


Click on "+" next to Sales Channels. And then, next to Facebook channel, click on "+".


You got redirected to a page that mentions " You are about to update Facebook". Scroll down the page and click on "Update sales channel".


Then, click on "Start setup" of the "Create free and paid ads on Facebook" feature.


Connect your Facebook account.


Connect the right Facebook Business Manager.


For the Facebook ad account, make sure to select your professional account, and not your personal account. Connect the right Facebook Ad Account.


At the Facebook Page step, connect the right Facebook Page.


At the "Data sharing" step, you need to enable customer data sharing. Choose "Maximum" level. Then, scroll down a bit below. If no Pixel is suggested to you, then you need to create a new one. Otherwise, if there is a Pixel, connect the right one.


That's it. Each step should be in green now.
Congratulations ! The Facebook Pixel is now installed on your Shopify store.

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