Changes on iOS 14 : Make sure my shop is ready to do ads on Facebook and Instagram

Following recent changes announced by Apple regarding iOS 14, your Facebook & Instagram can be impacted. That's why it is important to make sure your shop matches the new requirements.

So, how best prepare your Shopify shop ? Follow those steps :

Step 1 : Validate your domain

Follow the following steps to confirm to Facebook that you are the owner of your website.


Go to your Facebook Business Manager :
If you are redirected to your personal ad account, make sure to select your professional ad account (top right of your screen).


You should land on a page like the one below. Select your shop domain that you have to verify.


You are going to be redirected to this page on your Facebook Business Manager. Click on the blue button "Add".


Add your shop domain (IMPORTANT : Don't put, neither https://, http://, or "/" at the end). Here is the right format : Click then on "Add a domain".


Now you need to verify your domain. Click on "Meta-tag Verification".


Copy the meta-tag


Now you need to add the meta-tag on your website. That's how Facebook is going to check that you own your website. Don't worry, with Shopify that's something easy to do. 

Open a new tab and go to your Shopify account : (make sure to replace “NAMEOFYOURSHOP” with the name of your shop in the URL). If everything goes well, you should land on a page like the one below.


Click on the button “Actions”. A dropdown menu appears. Click on “Edit code”.


Once you arrive at the code editor of your shop, click on the file “theme.liquid” in the left column.


Below the tag, paste the Google meta tag. Click on the “Save” button on the top right.


Go back to your Facebook Business Manager, and click on the "Verify" button.


You should get a message from Facebook confirming that your domain is verified (if it is not the case, refresh the page, wait a few minutes, and click again on "Verify"). Congrats, your domain is verified. You have a few steps left, please follow the next steps.

Step 2 : Set-up the Pixel Conversion Events

Follow the steps below to properly set-up your Pixel Conversion Events for your Shopify store.


Go back to the initial page : You should see that your domain is now verified. Click on the arrow next to your domaine name, and then on the "Edit events" button.


Facebook informs you that your ads will be paused up to 72 hours so that Facebook can take into account the changes. Click then on "Edit".


On this page, you will be able to associate your Pixel Conversion Events with your domain. Maybe you already have an event set-up there (Facebook ads the "purchase" event by default). If that's the case, you need to add the other events. Click on the button "Add an event".


You should see a new row appearing. Select your shop Pixel.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to select the right Pixel (the one that you use in the ads !)


Choose then an event name. If you had no event, start with the "Purchase" event. If you had already the "Purchase" event, select the "Add Payment Info".


Click again on "Add an event" to add all the other events of your Pixel. With the new Facebook/Apple regulations, you can add up to 8 events on the same domain. IMPORTANT : Make sure to always keep the "Purchase" event on top of your list. Indeed, those events are listed by order of priority, so make sure that Purchase is on top. Best thing is to get the same result as on the screen below.

Once you have added all your events, click on the blue button, "Send" (on the bottom right of the screen)


Take some time to read through the note. Click on "Yes, I confirm these changes" and then on the blue button "Apply". Once you have added all your events, click on the blue button, "Send" (on the bottom right of the screen)


You should now see a message on Facebook that confirms the modifications. Congrats, you have successfully modified your pixel events!

There you go, your account is now ready to run your campaigns!

If there's anything new on this topic, we will update this article.

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