Attract your future customers to your online shop

Raive, the marketing tool for small e-commerce businesses to run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping.

For small e-commerce businesses


With Raive, you don’t need to be an expert to run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping.


With just a click, your products become visible to new people.


With our smart optimization system, you reach the most relevant people for your business.


A team of e-commerce experts always here to help.

Increase your sales
with online advertising

Promote your products from your Shopify catalog

We import the product information and images directly from your Shopify store to automatically generate professional ads. You save time and effort while keeping control on what you want to promote.
Raive illustration - Shopify store
Rai ve Illustration - Target the right people to the right products

Reach the right people with the right products

With Raive, your ads are continuously optimized to reach the right people. As your shop is growing, we know your customers better and better, and the people who are more likely to become one.

Track your ads performance in real time

Forget about all those complex and hard-to-read charts. At a glance, you see the key performance metrics that matter to you so that you can easily make the right decisions for your business.
Raive illustration - Product Recommendations

Optimize your products to increase sales

A bad quality image or a wrong description ? With Raive, you access product recommendations directly from Google, Facebook and Instagram so that your products are performing at their best when you are running ads.

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Promote your products
where your future customers are

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Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping are powerful channels to boost the visibility and sales of your online shop. From one single platform, your products are visible to relevant people on all those channels.

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